Announcing KidLib Camp 2017

KidLib2017 (1)

KidLib Camp 2017 will take place on Thursday, August 3.


More details to come!

See you in August!

The Children’s Library



Previous unconferences featured on School Library Journal’s website:

“Happy Campers: Librarians Discuss, Brainstorm, and Make at Annual KidLibCamp Unconference”

KidLibCamp 2014 Keynote: Lauren Britton from Darien Library on Vimeo.

Update: SLJ coverage of KidLib Camp 2013!

Thank you to everyone who attended KidLib Camp 2013.

Click above for Session Notes (and keep them coming in!) Notes, photos, questions, and suggestions can be sent to


2 thoughts on “Announcing KidLib Camp 2017

  1. Connie Konya says:

    I was excited to come but have a conflict! Will pass to a few school librarians Add me to any mailing list! I attended #nerdcampmi this year. Wonderful

  2. I was excited to come but due to low funds I will not be able to attend. Please let someone else take my place.

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