Extra notes/observations from Partnerships and Outreach in the Library

Libraries should  partner with other institutions in town, we can’t do it alone

bookmobileEmbedded librarianship – providing their unique skill set to other institutions Douglas county Colorado – they decided that they needed to make a radical change. Librarians partnered with associations and would attend meetings (chamber of commerce, etc) Staff must be willing to do this and must be interested in the first place

By being visible, useful, helpful, out in the community – model behavior for other organizations

Every town and city has boards that make decisions that have an impact on people in the community – library should be aware of what’s going on and should hopefully have a hand in the information gathering process

Children’s services serve as a liaison with the  board of education in their community

See multnomah and Hennepin county libraries for inspiration on how to collaborate and reach the community

Getting people in the community to do a story time in the library – dentist, firefighter, monster truck driver

Do libraries promote and collaborate with cultural events happening in town?

Booth presence at the festival works well

Anna mcguinne’s books Lola at the library – look at the way they outreach to Somali refugees in the UK

Letters to a young librarian (academic librarian)

What do we have to offer?

AC, wifi, electricity, books, lifelong learning, literacy, and more!

“Internal” outreach – changing people’s minds about what the library is and what their mission is (talking about potluck meal at the library in Darien during hurricane sandy)

Golisano’s children’s hospital, library is open to all patients of the hospital

Outreach to Native American populations – Debbie Reese (sp?) Tribal libraries round table at ALA

Does anyone have any outreach scenarios that really haven’t panned out and how their library learned from it?

Reinventing the usage of the bookmobile  – patrons would be at home during the day 50, 40, 30 years ago but now they are only home in the evenings and on weekends

Meals on wheels – book “menu” (allergies to what you absolutely won’t read) given to meals on wheels recipients

Tulley free library – “virtual” farmers market where patrons can order from farms and the next week pick up the their order

Issue of staffing : comes out of strategic planning In order to qualify for federal money, libraries in Massachusetts must have strategic long term plans in place

What is outreach but gaining support for the library? Hear hear!

(photo courtesy of Flickr user Muffet.)


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