Getting to the Core of the CCSS (Common Core State Standards)

Check out the ALSC CCSS Resources Page.
Check out the ALSC CCSS Resources Page.

The KidLibCamp 2013 provided a great forum for school librarians and media specialists to meet and discuss the national standards for learning, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  This national  initiative will directly affect our roles in the school in areas of lesson-planning, student-teacher collaboration, and collection development.  Five of us met yesterday during one of the breakout sessions.  Here are the main paints of the discussion:


  • In the public school setting, there is a real feeling of anxiety and trepidation of how these standards will affect the already-tested-out/teaching to the test atmosphere.
  • As librarians, it is really our role to turn that feeling of anxiety into a definitive opportunity and create the library as a true focal point of core curriculum resources, knowledge and information.  (Hey, we knew a long time ago that there are some amazing non-fiction books that lend themselves to wonderful lesson ideas; everyone else is just catching onto that fact.)
  • We have to take an active stand and really stress the importance of locating textual evidence, providing evidence and details and providing access to content-rich resources.  All this can only help our students build their literacy skills as well as improving their research skills.
  • As with anything else, school librarians have got to be assertive in getting the word out that we are in the know and we know what we’re doing.  By working with teachers, students and school faculty individually, we can become thought leaders of the CCSS.

Some additional resources for school librarians and the CCSS include the following:

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