Guerrilla Storytime Session Notes and Observation

Guerrilla Story time session (taken by unknown)

Sharing a rhyme at Guerrilla Storytime.
Sharing a rhyme at Guerrilla Storytime.

-parents talking at story time -shh, turn on a song, clap your hands, I need your help parents!

-toddlers are getting antsy while a story is being read: sing the book, tell the story instead of reading, end the story early and say if you want to know the rest find the book in the library, ants in my pants!

-children want to talk to you: go with it for a bit and then begin the story again

-good books for babies: boo la la la, brown bear brown bear, John butler books, spot, here are my hands, baby says, you and me baby, ten little fingers ten little toes, read to your bunny, voyage to the bunny planet by rosemary wells

-favorite no book story: it looked like spilt milk, the tale of the black cat, the old lady who swallowed…, if you give a mouse a cookie, Herman the worm, dear zoo why would it be a good pet, Pete the cat,

-when parents don’t engage with a program: mention it at the beginning of the story time encouraging them to participate, stress that its only 30 mins!,

-do you do a theme?: similar finger plays each week with mix of books, always use a theme so we can say what we did at story time, tie in theme with personal life,

-finger plays: do them three times: regular, slow, really fast, tick tock I’m a little coocoo clock, rain is falling down, make rain, there was a little turtle, these are grandmas glasses (grandpa, baby)


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