Notes from: Social Media in the Library

Notes from Social Media

(taken by Amy Laughlin, Children’s Librarian, Darien Library)

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 9.39.04 AMMarie Aspinwall New Canaan (facilitator) she leads the library’s Twitter and Facebook

Cheshire library is a great example to look to

Not supposed to only use social media to promote programming – social media is supposed to promote conversation with patrons

Engaging users on what’s going on in town

New haven public library – post a lot of pictures after events

Us a link shortener like Tiny URL or Bitly to tweet long links

Hootsuite – social media managing device : can schedule posts to go up at different times (also provides free analytics) Can schedule posts to go up when you are away

Facebook also allows you to see how many people view what you post, so does twitter

Social media for different ages : Facebook users in new Canaan are between 35-45

Twitter is younger, Instagram is even younger (7th to 8th grade)

Twitter seems to be more for news

Facebook is for longer engagements with users

Should different platforms be used for different uses??


Libraries should use different platforms in different ways

Developing them Is different

Should the responsibilities be shared by many people in the library, or just one?

Consensus: Libraries should have many people sharing the responsibility

Follow: Connecticut library consortium (ctstatelibrary)

News 12

Patch (new Canaan, Darien patch)

Cheshire library

Follow other libraries to see what they are doing

Goodnight moon and other listservs

SLJ (also read their blogs)

Betsy Bird (fuse 8 productions)


Do you want your communication to be book based? Library based? Program based ? Pinterest: great to use for inspiration in programs and for book groups

Top 5:







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