ReOrganizing your Shelves- Dewey Lite Notes

Notes by Jennifer Ferriss, Bibliographic Database Specialist/Youth Consultant, Southern Adirondack Library System

Picture book reorganization at Darien, planning process and implementation occurred prior to opening the new building.  Currently they are in the process of reorganizing the children’s nonfiction collection which will premier in September.
Read Gretchen Caseroti’s Tame the Web guest post from 2008 for more details.

Darien debated whether or not to remove Dewey and decided that is was not fair to take this away from kids.  The kids use Dewey at school as well as the neighboring  local libraries and to take this away at Darien did not make sense.

ALSC, I want a truck book! #ala12 recap blog post is a great starting point to look at reorganization from 3 different perspectives. At Darien, the F5, First 5 year collection, mind map is available in the SlideShare.

The children’s room has traditional stacks that can’t be moved.  The non-fiction collection is dense and with the push to support Common Core, the need to make a more user friendly collection was eminent.  The Children’s nonfiction collection will be modeled after the Adult nonfiction collection.
There will be a top layer (Animal) and then the Dewey numbers will be in numerical/alphabetical order on the shelf as the second layer.  The third layer is visual, a clear colored label (ex.  all the red labels are shelved together)

Darien will have 11 top layers:

Tradition (religion, folklore, culture, costume, mythology)
Then and now (900’s and some)
Kids facts
Kids fun (ghosts, ghouls, Guinness Book of World records, travel “because its fun”)
Self (careers, body)

The shelves are being reorganized while the library is open, but the catalog has not changed yet.

Information on how to use the new scheme will be made available online around September.

This is a book by book process.  Not everything is easy to categorize. 

Baker and Taylor is going to provide the books, shelf ready.
They will be recoloring the laminated shelf cards to match the category.


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