Session III: Makerspaces

Session III: Makerspaces-‘Do What You Can’


  1. Making can be lo-tech or high-tech from paper folding to 3D printer.
  2. Making can be done from a cart or table or in a dedicated Makerspace.

Ways we may define ‘makerspace’

  • Space related to 3-D printing
  • Space to make stuff-experimenting, sewing, etc…
  • Space to utilize software, computers, etc…
  • Not limited to just technology
  • Not just a dedicated space

Examples of ‘Maker’ programs:

Makerspace wish lists:

Outreach & Collaboration:

  • Survey current staff for hobby, craft and talent information-could be utilized for programming
  • Host visiting artists from the community
  • Host/attend maker faires in the community
  • Look to other makerspaces such as Chicago Public Library:
  • Intergenerational program with library knitting club and interested children who want to learn how to knit
  • June 2014 issue of Teacher/Librarian Magazine
  • Observation: there seems to be more flexibility in the public sector than in the schools for programming
    • Reading directions while making something strengthens a student’s ability to comprehend procedural texts

3-D Information:

  • Requires constant maintenance
  • Some libraries charge $0.10 per gram for completed projects to pay for filament
  • Some libraries offer demos of the machine to inform public
  • Some libraries require an orientation of the machine before individuals can use it on their own. Orientation includes how to use the machine and how to use design software.
  • Minecraft creations can be uploaded to sites like: and printed or already-created models can be printed from:
  • Tinkercad can be used to create 3-D models. This program can also be used to simply teach the principles of design without the printer.
  • Staffing for 3-D spaces should be determined in advance: volunteer? Staff member?
  • 3Doodler is a pen selling for about $99 (includes 50 strands of plastic)

Tools to learn more about making:

Sources for funding:


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