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Reorganizing Collections – KidLib Camp 2014

The group discussing reorganizing collections was diverse, school, children’s and teen librarians and a library school student.

Different libraries reorganize to suit their patrons needs.  It was agreed that the end use for something like this was to make it easier for the patron to find materials and to get higher circulation. Looking at different possibilities for reorganization, each decision opened up a whole new can of worms, it was best to MAKE A PLAN and FOLLOW IT.  Nothing is written in stone, it can be changed if it does not work.

Since we were at the beautiful Darien Library this is how they have broken up, F5 (First Five Years) and Kids on either side of the room.

F5 – First Five Years 9 sections (glades): Favorites (award winners, Eric Carle, Berenstain Bears), Stories (catch all), Nature (seasons, animals that act like animals), Growing (milestones), Rhymes & Songs, Celebration (holiday), Folk/Fairy Tale, Learn to Read (Early Readers)
There are nonfiction Picture books at the end of every section shelved by dewey number.  So cool!

Kids Nonfiction 10 sections: STEM, Facts, Fun (magic, StarWars, travel), Animals, Create (art, music, cooking), Then & Now (history, social sciences), Self (612, body, disease), Sports, Tradition (398.2, world religions, costumes), Poetry.
Keeping the Dewey numbers they they color coordinate the different sections and shelf accordingly.

Plan at least 6 months
Post signs Ask a Librarian what is Happening @ your library!
Touch each book as little as possible
Scan Record sets of each section into polaris and put book back where they belong.
One major moving day.
STEM books go out like crazy!
Now they have a Non-Fiction permanent display.

I think that the reasoning, how to sell it to your library, will be posted too!

I thought it was a great session I learned a lot!

Thank you,

Lisa Sedita
Youth Services Supervisor
Montclair Public Library
Montclair NJ


Save the Date for KidLibCamp 2013!

Hello Kidlibbers! The 2013 unconference will take place on:

August 7, 2013

9am to 4pm

at Darien Library