The Annual KidLib Camp is organized by the Children’s Library at Darien Library.

Questions and comments may be sent to:

Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla

Head of Children and Teen Services, Darien Library


Or tweet @LiswithanS

What is KidLib Camp/What is an ‘unconference?’

KidLib Camp is an annual event for children’s and teen librarians hosted at Darien Library in Connecticut. Unlike traditional conferences and professional development days in which the topics, panels, and workshops are pre-determined by the organizers, on the day of KidLib Camp the participants (you!) vote on what topics will be discussed and explored.

What’s the point of that?

The idea is that we librarians (particularly those of us in youth services) are amazing, brilliant, passionate professionals who can learn from each other. At KidLib Camp we brainstorm new ideas, pass around best practices, work through solutions, and inspire one another. By keeping the day flexible and open to almost any topic, we have the opportunity to play around with new concepts and take risks. At the end of the day everyone leaves energized and chock full of ideas to bring back to their library.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! KidLibCamp is free and provided by Darien Library.

How do we determine and vote on the topics?

Using this blog as a workspace in the days leading up to KidLibCamp, we will compile suggested topic ideas. All of these ideas will be collected and on the big day the entire group will look at the list. Similar topics will be condensed and the group will vote on which ones should be made into “break-out sessions.” We plot out a schedule and break up into smaller groups. There are generally 3 or 4 discussions that happen simultaneously in various parts of the building. Participants are free to pop in and out of the sessions as they like. At the end of the day we re-group and have a “big share.”

Where is Darien Library and how do I get there?

Darien Library is located in southeastern Connecticut. If you are a NYC-area commuter, it is an easy trip on MetroNorth (several of the full-time librarians commute every day from NY.)

Darien Library is located at:

1441 Post Road | Darien, CT 06820

Have a question not answered here? Contact Elisabeth Marrocolla at emarrocolla@darienlibrary.org


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