Past Camps

Topics from KidLibCamp 2012

On August 16th 2012, we voted on the topics and decided on break-out sessions. Here’s a photo of the sessions list from the 2011 KidLibCamp.


In the months leading up to KidLibCamp 2012, registered participants added ideas to a topics list (using a collaborative Google doc.) The topics discussed during the 2012 KidLibCamp were:

– Children’s Spaces and Design (playspaces, makerspaces, early literacy spaces)

– Tablets & Apps in Programming for Kids

– Tech Programming for Tween & Teens

– Common Core

– Tech Training for Library Staff

– Collaboration (with schools, outside organizations, other library departments, etc.)

– Programming Ideas for Children Under Five

– Programming Series & Initiatives

– Managing Children’s Services

– Family & Parent Programs

– Volunteers in the Library

– Collection Reorganization

– Integrating STEM

– Book Clubs, Reader’s Theater, and Storytelling

– Summer Reading Programs

– Contract Performers

Want to see what each group discussed? Check out the forum from KidLibCamp 2012.

2011 Wiki

2010 Wiki

2009 Wiki


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